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- The bearish trend in the British Pound caught a bit of respite last week after a surprisingly-hawkish Bank of England rate decision, in which three members of the MPC voted for an immediate rate hike. This helped to firm odds for a rate move in August, and that in-turn helped to bring strength into the British Pound after what had become a very bearish prior couple of months.

- GBP/USD put in a recovery up to resistance at 1.3304, but has since been unable to break-higher. We have seen a bit of higher-low support on short-term charts, indicating that this bullish move may drive a bit deeper as a larger retracement in the bigger-picture down-trend in the pair. IG Client Sentiment remains stretched long, and this would keep the bearish side of the pair as attractive, particularly for longer-term stances.

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British Pound Bounce After BoE

Last Monday we looked at a weak British Pound ahead of the June rate decision at the Bank of England. At the time, there was little to get excited about on the bullish side of the currency, as continued complications with Brexit negotiations were combined with what had become a dovish Bank of England to bring to question the potential for strength in GBP. The Bank of England was getting less enthusiastic about the prospect of rate hikes as British inflation continued to fall from the 3% prints of last year. We had looked at the prospect of bearish breakouts in GBP/USD, plotting a move towardsFibonacci support at around 1.3117. That move took place ahead of the BoE, at which point prices began to bounce as the bank took on a more-hawkish view than what many had expected.

GBP/USD Weekly Chart: Bounce From Fibonacci Support post-BoE

gbpusd gbp/usd weekly chart

Chart prepared byJames Stanley

The Bank of England rate decision saw three dissenting votes in favor of an immediate rate hike, and one of those dissents came from the Bank of England’s Chief Economist, Mr. Andy Haldane. This came as a bit of a surprise, and this quickly started to firm odds for a rate hike in August. In-turn, those expectations for higher rates have helped to bring into question that well-defined down-trend in the British Pound. GBP/USD rallied into Friday morning, eventually finding a bit of resistance atthefirst levelof resistancethat we had looked at last week around 1.3304.

GBP/USD Four-Hour Chart: Bounce to Resistance at Prior Support 1.3304

gbp/usd gbpusd four-hour chart

Chart prepared byJames Stanley

At this stage, there are short-term setups on either side of the pair; but from a longer-term perspective, traders will likely want to wait for a re-test of the key zone of prior support that runs from 1.3447-1.3500 before plotting bigger-picture entries.

On the bearish side of the short-term setup in GBP/USD, we have a hold of that resistance around 1.3304. This can open the door for bearish strategies with stops above last week’s swing-high, targeting a return to 1.3200 for a better than one-to-one risk-reward ratio.

GBP/USD Four-Hour Chart: Bearish Continuation Potential

gbpusd gbp/usd four-hour chart

Chart prepared byJames Stanley

On the bullish side of the short-term setup, traders can look to a recently established ‘higher-low’ that came-in around a point of prior swing-resistance. This can open the door for stops below the Friday swing-low of 1.3220 and initial targets cast up to 1.3350 to look for a better than one-to-one risk-reward.

GBP/USD Hourly Chart: Hold of Short-Term Higher-Low Support Opens Door for Deeper Bullish Move

gbpusd gbp/usd hourly chart

Chart prepared byJames Stanley

From a longer-term perspective, traders are likely going to want to wait for a bit of clarity. That prior zone of support that runs from 1.3447-1.3500 could be especially attractive for resistance should prices pose a re-test of this zone, and this could re-open the door for longer-term bearish stances in the pair.

GBP/USD Daily Chart: 1.3447-1.3500 Remains Key Decision Point for Longer-Term GBP/USD Charts

gbpusd gbp/usd daily chart

Chart prepared byJames Stanley

IG Client Sentiment Remains Stretched

Further denoting bearish potential in GBP/USD is the fact thatIG Client Sentiment remains stretched to the long side, similar to what we looked at last week. Retail traders are net long in the pair to a tune of +2.54-to-1; or, put otherwise, 71.8% of retail traders trading GBP/USD are currently holding a net long position. With retail sentiment being a contrarian indicator, this would continue to show potential on the bearish side of GBP/USD.

Please click here for a real-time reading of IG Client Sentiment on GBP/USD:GBP/USD Sentiment.

British Pound Price Bounces From Fibonacci Support post-BoE

Chart prepared byJames Stanley

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